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Company News
What is Loose Tube Fibre
Latest company news about What is Loose Tube Fibre

What is Tight Buffered Fibre?

Tight buffered refers to the aramid yarn, such as Kevlar wool, around a fibre core. Consisting of two-layers, the outer acrylate coating tightly surrounds the silica fibre core to protect both the core and cladding of the fibre.
Generally constructed with 900μm buffered fibre cores, tight buffered cables typically have a similar strength to traditional fibre patch leads.

The tight buffer adds structural strength to the cable and helps prevent damage to the fibre core during installation while helping extend the cable’s operational life.

The tight buffer also provides improved cable attenuation and fibre core protection when cables bend, meaning tight buffered cables are ideal for installations that require a tight bend radius.

Tight buffered fibre cables can consist of 2 to 144/288 fibres.



latest company news about What is Loose Tube Fibre  0

What is Loose Tube Fibre?

NEW LIGHT OPTICS tight buffered fibre cables, which have two layers of aramid yarn (one around the fibre core and another outer layer), loose tube fibre cables have only one outer protective layer.

Loose tube fibre cables consist of multiple 250μm fibre cores and are manufactured in two ways –gel-filled and dry.
Both constructions protect against water ingress in slightly different ways. In gel-filled loose tube, a gel (typically called thixatropic) and an outer jacket surround the fibre cores.

Dry loose tube cables are similar but retain protection against water with an additional internal protective layer.
To provide even greater protection, the outer tube can be made from more robust or semi-rigid materials for harsher environments or where there is frequent contact on the cable.

Loose tube fibre cables generally contain a strength member or aramid yarn that provides rigidity. Around the strength member that runs through a loose tube fibre optic cable, the fibre cable can consist of bundles of 2 to 144/288 fibres.


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